Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Yesterday was the start of the HUGE Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom. I remember three years ago I got my Nordstrom card just so I could shop the sale early! It was right before I started my "big girl job" and I loaded up on cute work attire at a decent price.

Right now the sale is only open for Nordstrom cardholders (get yours here) but it will open up to everyone else on July 20. The sale ends on August 5. 



I'm currently having a real midi moment. Here's my favorite dresses, of which many you can wear to work and play. 


Leather jacket

I don't have a leather jacket yet but am SERIOUSLY thinking of purchasing this one. What do you think? Think I can pull it off?



I love a good jumpsuit. They tend to elongate your legs, can be really flattering and can fit so many occasions! I wear some to work, to weddings, to dinners, walking around town with sneakers, etc. They are very versatile. 

Socialite, $56.90  (How cute for a bachelorette!) 

Socialite, $56.90 (How cute for a bachelorette!) 



I almost never buy sunglasses! But I'm definitely going to snag a pair or two during this sale. These options are stylish, affordable and will last for years.



I love snagging excellent or brand name beauty products on sale! Here's a few that are almost too good to be true. 

Anastasia, $24 for two shades  (I wore this at my wedding!) 

Anastasia, $24 for two shades (I wore this at my wedding!) 



Natori bras are normally a bit pricey but they are my favorite. They are both pretty and functional, plus they last a long time. I also love pajamas and workout clothes but tend to feel guilty about spending $$$ on items that rarely leave the house - so here's some great options on discount!


Cashmere sweaters

You can never have too many cashmere sweaters... especially in San Francisco. I wear them year-round with slacks to work and jeans on the weekends. I was shocked to see that Vince has numerous in the sale! Be sure to grab at least one. 



Closet necessities include a good pair of jeans and quality work pants. Here's one of each that I'd love to have in my closet.  



This is a good representation of my closet... way too many shoes! But I love how the sale focuses on up and coming styles, not just summer styles that we won't wear for another year. Here are some of my favorite shoes/booties. ALSO Alexander Wang on sale?! WHAT?!

Alexander Wang, $296.90

Alexander Wang, $296.90

Cole Haan, $92.90

Cole Haan, $92.90



I really like stocking up on potential gifts. I keep a basket of candles, soaps, books, etc. so when a birthday or celebration comes around, I have a lot of options on hand. Here's a few great gifts for the men and ladies in your life! (Also never too early to start shopping for Christmas, am I right?) 


Let me know what you end up shopping in the comments below! Hope this was helpful.