How to Decorate Your Corporate Office

Hi - it’s Paige! I took the last few months away from blogging to focus on my new job. My new role requires more travel and being out of the office which I really enjoy! When I am in the office though, I like to feel relaxed, inspired and like I’m at my home away from home. When I moved into my new office six months ago, I was looking for a few ways to create this feel. Here’s what helped:


1) Cute Lamp

I purchased the same one we have in our living room. While yes I really love it, I also figured if we’re ever lucky enough to have a guest room, we could use these two as side table lamps.


2) Plants -

Plants add such a relaxing vibe. My friend Alyssa gave me these gorgeous baskets she thrifted that I use as pots. I added some moss and lava rocks to absorb the water/help prevent mold and they’ve worked wonderfully! Plus I ordered them online from The Sill which meant they arrived straight to my office in perfect condition.


3) Diffuser -

I have the WestElm diffuser to add some scent to an otherwise musty space. I’d also recommend the Volcano or PF Candle Co ones.

4) Pick-me-ups -

My sister-in-law gifted me the Mario Badescu rose water spray and it has lasted me a long time! I also keep tea, chapstick and Ritual vitamins (use this link for $5 off!) on hand - these items are cute but also practical - and get me through every afternoon by making me feel refreshed/energized.


5) Reusable cup -

A cute reusable cup looks nice on your desk and encourages you to stay hydrated. I love this one because it’s good for hot and cold, and also sleek.


6) Reusable flatware -

I keep these in my drawer (or out on my desk) as a reminder to be kind to the environment. I’m slowly but surely trying to cut down my plastic waste!

7) Artwork -

I’m still working on this one but hope to have a few colorful pieces in my office soon!

8) Photos -

I have a photo of my family and a few of me and Garner. They help personalize my office and make me smile throughout the day.


9) Rug -

I don’t have a rug yet but envy those who do! They add color to an office and that homey touch.

10) Snacks -

I keep tons of healthy snacks in my drawers. Some of my favorites are dried mango, trail mix, almonds, baked chickpeas, dried coconut and chocolate-covered almonds for something sweet. I also make sure I have plenty of tea - I enjoy a cup or two every afternoon for that extra caffeine boost!

What do you keep in your office for inspiration, to re-energize you or to make you feel relaxed at work? Let me know in the comments below.