A SLOwer Paced Weekend

Two weeks ago Garner and I celebrated our three year anniversary (How has he put up with me for that long???) with a road trip to San Luis Obispo (SLO). SLO is a small beach town about four hours south of San Francisco that attracts students attending Cal Poly, retirees and tourists looking for a relaxing yet adventurous weekend (like us).

We stayed at the beautiful Sycamore Springs Resort which had numerous hot springs and mineral pools, free yoga and meditation classes, hiking trails with incredible views and beach access, a wonderful restaurant with live music and a spa I am still dreaming about. AKA this was not the usual $25/night hostel that I'm used to staying at (refer to Europe posts for those reviews/stories of things I hoped I would never see....)


Garner surprised me with an itinerary (I have the best bf, right?!) of various activities including cave kayaking, wine tasting and a couples massage. It was the perfect blend of rejuvenation and a typical "getaway weekend" mixed with outdoor activities which G and I love so much.

Cave kayaking definitely kicked my butt. Four hours of maneuvering the waves and currents of the Pacific Ocean takes a lot of energy, and bagged beef jerky for breakfast only gets you so far (lol, we fancy). 


After kayaking, Garner bribed me with nachos and margaritas at Ventana Grill so I wouldn't take a "Paige nap" (a nap longer than 3 hours, AKA the only type of nap I take). I was fine with this as the views were incredible and I've been missing my Tex-Mex (anyone want to FedEx me some queso? I'd be cool with that). 

We continued the day with a few wine tastings in the calm before the storm. We even witnessed a proposal at the winery! (I'm probably creeping HARD in the background of all their photos...).  


(Wearing: Felicity & Coco blue dress, my favorite lace-up flatsLeSpecs mirrored shades)

That night we went downtown for an amazing dinner at Novo, to see the gum wall (WHY is this a thing?!) and to relive our glory days at the bars with the Cal Poly kids (I'm joking.. kind of). 

The next day we went to breakfast at an infamous pink hotel where it looked like Pepto-Bismol, bubble gum, tutus and the Easter Bunny had a baby and called it the Madonna Inn. So basically I was ready to pack my things and move there.

madonna inn.JPG

The entire weekend was glorious. San Francisco is amazing, but exploring quaint towns throughout California is one of my favorite things. SLO has a very diverse group of locals, many of who wear Free People and hang at the beach all day (#goals), plus there's a slower pace/lifestyle and a character about it that already has me planning another trip back.

S/O to Garner for spoiling me with this trip. It was definitely one for the books.