Apples for Days

On the second day of our Apple Hill adventures, our Airbnb hosts recommended we go wine tasting and pumpkin picking! Since those are two of my favorite things, we set out to follow their directions. 


wearing: olive lace top, distressed jeans (my favorite!), Chloe bagboots


We picked more apples, had more apple cider and apple donuts (I don't think I can ever get enough), and then ended up at the Guinness Book of World Records' largest corn maze! What are the odds? 



Garner and I's hope for this weekend was to put us in the "fall spirit." Since Northern California gets "Indian Summers," our Octobers and Novembers are often the warmest part of the year. I was thankful we had this time to celebrate the season and also get some R&R a few hours outside of the San Francisco bubble.


I would definitely recommend Apple Hill or Sly Park Recreation (see previous post) for a weekend getaway for my Northern California friends, or a day trip for those passing through the area. It was an amazing weekend and as magical as I had imagined.