Elizabeth + Marie Jewelry

I have been on the hunt for some cute bead and tassel bracelets for months! Is it just me or does it seem like every single one I find is $85 or is too bulky?

I'm so proud of my friend Hannah and her sister for deciding to start their OWN jewelry company, Elizabeth + Marie! Not only was I so incredibly impressed with their new business ventures, but also the gorgeous jewelry they hand-crafted, the affordable prices and the great quality.

Check out my new tassel bracelets that I've been wearing every day since I received them in the mail! How adorable are they?! Plus they match my nails which is always a nice surprise! :)


Right now Elizabeth + Marie focuses on bracelets and also beautiful raw stone necklaces. You can view and shop their products via Instagram (username: @elizabethandmarie) or contact them directly at elizabethandmarie@gmail.com.

Bracelets with the tassel are $25 and bracelets without are $20.



Thank you to Elizabeth + Marie for sponsoring this post.