I Scream, You Scream

For Valentine's Day, Garner surprised me with tickets to the Ice Cream Museum in San Francisco. I was so excited because 1) ice cream, 2) it's really difficult to snag tickets. 


The employees were peppy and excited, everything was bright and covered in unicorns, and there were treats in every room. Basically it was middle-school Paige's dream house.

Wearing:  Midi Red Skirt

The ice cream wasn't the best I ever had (Hi @Drake and @BlueBell) but the experience was really unique. We danced in a room of gummy bears, ate cotton candy while rock-climbing, and played in a pool of sprinkles... which I'm somehow still finding all over my apartment.


It was the best Valentine's Day and I'm so thankful I got to celebrate it with my two loves -- G and ice cream <3