Crew Takes Tahoe

I have been super lucky and blessed to meet such incredible people during my two years in San Francisco. One of my favorite things about a lot of our friends is that they're spontaneous and always down for an adventure, even if it means 13 of us cramming into one house for a few days. 

We went to Truckee near Lake Tahoe for the weekend. I had only been during the winter to go skiing so a summer in Tahoe was a new experience... and I was into it. No being cold all the time and wearing 20 layers of clothes? Sounds more my style. 

We played sand volleyball, drank mimosas overlooking Lake Donner, grilled barbecue, hiked through Donner State Park and played a lot of Cards Against Humanity. 


It's moments like these where I realize what a "leap of faith" moving to California was... and I'm amazed at how God has provided. Looking back to five years ago, who would have thought I'd be living in California, engaged to the love of my life and taking a spontaneous weekend trip with new friends? I'm thankful for these moments and looking forward to more "unknown" plans to come.