Glossier Pop-up Shop

As you may have seen from the many Instagrams and billboards throughout SF, Glossier recently had a pop-up shop in San Francisco. My community group gals and I decided to spend a girls day trying on makeup, eating sushi, drinking cocktails... you know the drill. 

We waited two hours in line at Glossier. Good thing we had lots of coffee and sunshine to get us through the long wait. Once inside, it was like every girl's dream: tons of gorgeous bouquets from FarmGirl Flowers (if anyone wants to send me something, this is it), yummy candles burning in every corner, and numerous vanities where you could try any. makeup. you. wanted.


So of course we had to make the wait worth it by trying on every makeup product in every shade they carried. I tried on the lotions, put some masques on my hands, tried out a blush stick, a highlighter stick, multiple lidstars (the liquid eyeshadows), tinted lip balms, the infamous boy brow and perfume. 


So what'd I think? I definitely think Glossier is the perfect "everyday" makeup. It offers light coverage, a subtle shimmer and the best part? It's in everyone's price range. But if a smoky eye is your thing or you enjoy contouring, this brand might not be for you. 

I walked away from the shop with two items. The first being the "You" perfume in solid form. The scent smells different on everyone (we tried it on all 7 of us to be sure) and I loved how it smelled fresh and floral on my skin. The bonus of the solid form is that it comes in a small pink compact that's perfect for carrying in your purse or for traveling. I always hate when you travel with perfume only to arrive at the hotel and see its spilled all over your toiletry bag. 

I also purchased the pink lidstar. Lidstar is the liquid eye-shadow that looks like a lip-gloss. I was definitely skeptical at first, BUT it's the perfect everyday shimmer that enhances your eyes without needing eyeliner, dark eye-shadow and loads of mascara. 

We had a super fun girls day and what can I say? I've become a Glossier fan. I'm excited to keep trying their products and see how far this brand can go.