My Beauty Routine

This is my first time writing about my regular beauty routine... probably because I only recently have one. In college, I used makeup wipes, washed my face with soap and called it a day. But about a year or two ago, I started going to an esthetician (everyone at International Orange is GREAT!) on a somewhat regular basis. At IO I continuously learn about moisturizers, serums, masques, and what's best for my skin. So here's my current beauty regimen (I'm sure it'll keep changing as I find great products!).  



In the mornings, my routine is fairly simple. 

1) Cetaphil Cleanser - I've tried some pricey ones and this is still one of my favorites - it won't dry you out and keeps your skin soft.  

2) Arcona Hydrating Serum - Smells amazing and is a great, moisturizing alternative to a makeup primer.

3) Arcona Magic White Ice Hydrating Gel - It's light, smells fruity and is the perfect during-the-day moisturizer. 

4) Elta MD Sunscreen - My family has been using this for years. My mom had skin cancer on her face 10 years ago so we are all diligent about wearing SPF every single day. This is our favorite as it's light, not sticky and great for acne-prone or sensitive skin. 

5) Juice Beauty Serum Foundation - I used to wear heavy foundation every day which caused breakouts or was difficult to remove at night. This is an all-natural, water-based serum foundation that's great for everyday use - it's similar to a BB cream but I apply it with a makeup brush.




I step up my moisturizing, brightening and healing game for my nightly regimen. 

1) Cetaphil Cleanser

2) Clinque Acne Clarifying Lotion - I apply this with a cotton ball if I'm starting to breakout. It works GREAT but can be drying if used every night.

3) IS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum - I massage a few drops all over my face. It's full of vitamins and antioxidants making it great for skin with sun damage, fighting acne or rosacea, and preventing wrinkles.

4) IS Clinical White Lightening Serum - A terrific spot treatment for any dark areas or scars. I'm pale so my skin tends to scar easily. 

5) Aveeno Moisturizer - Smells yummy and is very moisturizing without feeling heavy. I've been using this for years and prefer it to more expensive alternatives. 

6) Luzern Hydra-Enzyme Masque - Use once a week for brightening and hydrating. You can apply it in place of a moisturizer and sleep with it on (it's transparent so you won't scare your significant other). 

7) Aquaphor - I rub a generous amount on my lips and any other super dry areas. I also read that if you massage it on your forehead it prevents forehead lines (going to try this). A bonus is that a huge tub is only $14.

8) Cetaphil Lotion - Apply all over my neck, arms and other dry areas. I love it because it's light and not sticky. 



Want to see more beauty posts? Have a great serum or moisturizer I'm missing? Let me know!