Wedding Registry 101

Registering can be daunting. It's super exciting (who doesn't love gifts?!) but it can be difficult to decide what you need, what can fit in your tiny apartment (hi, that's me) or what is within your guest list's budget. Also WHERE to register - at first I said I was only going to pick 2-3 places and then ended up having around eight stores.

Opening gifts at my lovely work shower (thanks to my coworkers for planning!). Wearing:  white dress

Opening gifts at my lovely work shower (thanks to my coworkers for planning!). Wearing: white dress


SO here's what I'd recommend registering for and where at: 


1) Bed Bath + Beyond

BBB is a classic registry store that is found in most cities (some people still like to go to the store to pick something out) and offers a lot of great coupons/discounts not only for your guests, but also for you - there is a 10-20% completion discount for anything you haven't received after your wedding. I also love BBB because of their incredible return/exchange policy - even if you have used something for months, if it breaks or you decide to return it, they take it back or give you a new version with no questions asked. 

I'd recommend registering for classic items at BBB such as: 

Formal Dinnerware/China

Water and wine glasses


Kitchen Electronics such as mixer, blender and food processor (these are great deals with the BBB 20% off coupons!) 

Set of knives

Pots and pans




2) Williams-Sonoma 

Williams-Sonoma makes me feel like such an adult. They have the best cookware/bakeware that will LAST and I freak out when I receive an email about a sale. When registering here, just keep in mind that a lot of items here might be out of your guests' budget (that's why I prefer to get the majority of large items from BBB). 

I'd recommending registering here for: 

Kitchen Essentials


Mixing Bowls

Serving Utensils


3) Anthropologie or West Elm

I loooove Anthro and West Elm. I'd recommend registering at one of these stores, or a store that showcases your personality! 

I'd recommending registering here for: 

Everyday Dishes

Entertaining items such as serving platters or a bar cart

Decor such as mirrors, lamps, frames and tea towels



4) Amazon

Nowadays there is no rule on what you can and cannot register for... so why not add a few things to your list that you've always wanted?

I'd recommending registering here for: 

Camping (or other adventure) Gear such as sleeping bags and a tent

Electronics such as toothbrushes, AppleTV and speakers

Gift Cards such as Southwest or Airbnb to use for honeymoon/trips 



Hope this helps and happy registering!