10 Items Worth the Investment

The past few years have involved from serious life moments - graduating college, moving to San Francisco, starting my first full-time job, getting my own apartment and marrying Garner. These events have required me to purchase some pricey items that are very “adult.” I’ve learned that for some items, it’s better to invest in high-quality goods that will last you for years, than to keep buying stuff that is cheap and breaks shortly after purchase (my college strategy).

Here’s the 10 items I personally believe are worth the investment:

1) Luggage

I purchased the larger carry-on Away suitcase and am in love. It fits most U.S. airlines’ overhead bins and I can easily pack for a week (or longer if I’m mix/matching). Use this link for $20 off your first Away purchase. I also have the Cuyana travel set and looove it. I have the black with my monogram and love that it’s chic AND functional. I use the larger one for toiletries and the smaller one for makeup.

2) Electric Toothbrush

Garner and I used some wedding gift cards to buy our first electric toothbrushes! My dentist has been telling me to buy one for years (I have sensitive gums) but I only recently bit the bullet.... After many reviews, we decided on the Oral-B Professional Care 2500. It's more affordable than the Phillips Sonicare and actually spins instead of just vibrating. I bought mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond and used one of their 20% off coupons. So far we are loooving it! 

3) Quality Handbag

I’ve learned that less is more when it comes to handbags. I don’t need super flashy purses or dozens of them, I just need a few that match lots of outfits and are functional… which is why I’m so happy I discovered Cuyana. Their bags are high-quality and last the test of time. My favorites (which I own!) are the Mini Tassel Bag (perfect for every day), the Classic Structured Tote (perfect for work) and the Chain Clutch (perfect for nights out/events).

4) Suit or Nice Blazer

I recently invested in a nice Rag & Bone blazer. I’ve had numerous other blazers that aren’t as tailored or high-quality before so I’m really excited about this one and have already worn it three times. I snagged it for 25% off during one of the amazing Shopbop 25% off sales. I also really like my “suit” from Everlane - the blazer is great for travel because it doesn’t wrinkle and the pants are stretchy/super comfortable. I say “suit” because it’s pretty casual but great for a non-corporate office/interview… plus I wear them separately all the time!

5) Furniture

It has been amazing having a brand-new couch (AKA our guest bedroom!), lamps, and dressers with drawers that actually work. While yes buying everything at once would be very expensive, getting one or two items every time BBB or WestElm has a sale, or adding it to your Christmas list, could be a good idea. Before you know it, you’ll have quality items that you use every day and make your life SO much easier.

6) Winter Coat

A good black, grey or camel winter/wool coat is a staple for every closet. I recently bought one from the Macy’s sale but Poshmark has lots of great options for a huge discount. This is something you’ll be able to layer with multiple outfits and wear for many winters (or year-round if you’re in SF!) to come.

7) Diamond Studs

I’ve gotten to where I don’t swap my jewelry unless I’m going to a wedding or fancy event. I keep in gold hoops or my diamond studs the rest of the time - it’s convenient while still looking glam. Vrai + Oro is a company that makes 14K gold jewelry and lab-created diamonds that are stunning and a more affordable option. If you still want something a little less pricey, cubic zirconia is the way to go.

8) Leather Boots

I received a pair of Frye boots for Christmas a few years ago and it's one of the best gifts I've received (thanks, mom!). They are high quality leather that only get better with age. Plus they are SO comfortable - I'll wear them walking miles around San Francisco... the only other pair of shoes I can do this in are sneakers. These are truly a pair of boots I'll have forever.

9) Kitchen Essentials

Thanks to everyone for our wedding gifts! It has made such a different having nice dishes, pots/pan set, baking pans, a KitchenAid mixer (never thought I’d own one!) and wine glasses that match. Having kitchen appliances that actually work has made cooking so much more enjoyable. And having cute, matching dishes makes serving and hosting a delight.

10) Tuxedo or LBD

I have a long-sleeved lace black dress that I wear ALL the time. I even got engaged wearing it! It’s the perfect dress for any cocktail or black-tie optional event. I can swap the shoes to make it more fun or more professional. I highly recommend purchasing an LBD or black suit/tuxedo that’s worth the investment.

Have another investment piece that should make the list? Let me know in the comments below.