Hosting a Brunch in a Tiny Apartment

My good friend Lauren's birthday was while I was in Amsterdam. I wanted to throw her a little celebration before I left so I decided on a surprise birthday brunch! Our apartment is small (hi, San Francisco) and doesn't even have space for a kitchen/dining table. So a dinner party seemed out of the question. I scoured the internet to see how other people throw parties in a small space and came across some interesting ideas... So in case that's also you or you're just curious how we did it, here's how G and I hosted the brunch in a small space: 


I put table settings on our large coffee table where I pulled up my desk chair (it's more like a table chair anyways), a chair in our living room and our double camping chair (LOL). I also had two place settings at our bar stools but all nine of us ending up sitting around the coffee table and couch. 

We placed the brunch items on the bar and drink stations (Garner laughs at me for saying "stations") on the opposite counter space - we had a cocktail station and a coffee/tea station. 



As for the menu, we had: coffee cake (with birthday candles!), veggie quiche, kale and goat cheese salad, rosemary potatoes, fruit salad, sausage English muffins, pastries, coffee, tea and sparkling rose cocktails. If you can't tell, I've been on a baking/cooking kick lately.... And Garner is loving it, ha! I'll be posting a lot of these recipes soon! (Would you be interested in seeing more recipes from me?) 




It was such a fun impromptu gathering of friends. I was so excited it all came together given we started planning it only a week in advance. Lauren loved the brunch idea and I think it was as elegant as it could have been, given the small space. I really enjoy hosting, especially now that we have beautiful serving dishes (thank you for the wedding gifts!) and G and I can't wait to host more events in the future (and one day in a house!). 

Cheers to not letting a small apartment stand in your way!