Amazon Prime Day

I was FINALLY able to access Amazon Prime Day! Did you guys also have issues accessing the site yesterday? Anyways, here are the top seven things you need to snag ASAP (I already did!): 


1) Kindle

Garner bought me one for my upcoming work trip (what a sweet hubs!). It will be nice for my daily commute too. Prime members get one free book a month plus it syncs with our local library (free books!). 


2) 23andMe DNA Test

$200 OFF! Garner has always wanted to do this and purchased it today for the cheapest price we've seen!


3) TRTL Neck Pillow

These are great for traveling (will fit into a small bag) and for your daily commute. 


4) Yeti Cooler

Yesssss. We use ours all the time for picnics. 


5) Bluetooth Headphones

These are perfect for working out. 


6) Oral-B Toothbrush

I looove this toothbrush (bought mine three months ago)! Snag it while it's on sale. 


7) Stainless Steel Straws

Reduce waste and invest in some reusable straws! You get four for $6.  


What all have you purchased for #AmazonPrimeDay? Let me know in the comments below!