Bucket List Before 30

I turned 25 two months ago (see birthday post here). Garner and I keep talking about how we only have five years (four in his case) until we turn 30 (!!!). It's made us think a lot about where we are in our life and what we want to achieve before we hit that landmark. We have both always pushed ourselves to check things off our bucket list (a few of mine were paragliding, to get my scuba license, go to New Zealand...) but we decided to come up with a list of 15 somewhat realistic items we want to complete in the next few years. 

Paragliding in Austria on my 20th birthday!

Paragliding in Austria on my 20th birthday!

Here's mine: 

1) Own a house (this will depend on where we live...)

2) Scuba once a year - our top two scuba trips we want to go on are Great Barrier Reef in Australia and Blue Hole in Belize 

3) Hike Machu Picchu

4) See the northern lights

5) Learn another language

6) Ride in a hot air balloon

7) Run (or walk) a half marathon

8) Read the entire Bible

9) Spend a weekend at a health spa (mom, I'll take you with me!) 

10) Start a few family traditions of our own

11) Travel abroad at least once a year 

12) Host Thanksgiving for our families at our place

13) Live in another city 

14) Take pilot lessons

15) Host a huge 30th birthday party for me and G


Do you have a bucket list you're hoping to complete in the near future? Any advice on how to achieve a few of these? 

Here's to the next five years and crossing a few of these off as I go!