Hostess Gifts that Aren't Booze

With the holidays approaching, you’re probably busy buying gifts, picking out the perfect red dress and getting ready for all the exciting parties you’ll attend.

I try never to show up to a party empty-handed, but I am guilty of always bringing wine! It's something everyone likes and it's easy. But in case you are feeling a little creative or want to break out from only bringing booze, here's a list of 10 hostess gifts anyone would love to receive! 

1) Aesop handsoap 

2) Diptyque candle

3) Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

4) Coasters

5) Spices

6) Dessert mix 

7) French Press and/or coffee beans 

8) Cheeseboard and/or cheese knives

9) Linen napkins

10) Cook book or cocktails book

Happy (early) holidays!