Labor Day in Houston

I realized I hadn’t been home to the Houston area in almost a year… so I bit the bullet (flights are surprisingly expensive sometimes) and booked flights home for the long weekend.

My mom, my sister Claire and I had the best time exploring some new places in Houston as well as hitting some of our favorite spots. These included:


My favorite Tex/Mex hands-down. Growing up, we used to go here at least once a week. I love their queso (we don’t have queso in SF!) and table-side guacamole. My mouth is drooling RN…


A beautiful spot for brunch (or baby shower, or wedding TBH). I loved how they had so many options (lots of healthy and also sweets…), mimosas and delicious cappuccinos.

Marriott Marquis

We have been wanting to visit the famous Texas-shaped lazy river for ages! We enjoyed a day at the spa (one of the BEST massages I’ve ever received) and lounging by the pool. The incredible deck would also be a wonderful spot for a party.


Vic and Anthony’s

My favorite steak house ever. I loved going this particular weekend because it was Houston restaurant week! What’s normally super pricey turned into $40 for a three course meal that includes filet mignon. Ummm yes, please.

Sno Beach

The most delicious snow cones you’ll ever eat. Growing up, we used to go on family bike rides to the famous snow cone stand. My family (and entire hometown) is so obsessed with this place; two of my sisters have even worked at Sno Beach over the years.


We stumbled upon this gem while walking through downtown. The salads were amazing - don’t you love a salad with amazing toppings and dressing? Let’s be real, it’s all about the cheese, fruits, nuts and grilled meats… not the greens.

Alley Theatre

My family has always loved plays, musicals, any type of performance really. My mom always asked for Hobby Center season tickets for her birthday every year so we could go see wonderful performances throughout the year. While I was in town, we went to Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. It was the perfect play for us because while a bit cheesy, it checked our true crime lovers box (we’re the three crime obsessed in the fam).


If you’re heading to Houston soon, I highly recommend checking out a few of these places. Make sure to let me know if you do :)

Locals - I’m heading back to Houston in a few weeks! Comment below if there’s any new restaurants or activities I should visit while I’m in town!